Monday, December 11

It's that time of year - snow! Please remember to bring a change of shoes so we don't track snow and salt on to the gym floor. Thank you!

"It’s easy to complete one workout or eat clean for a day. It’s also simple to skip a day or trash your diet for a day. But it’s all the good choices, day after day, that are steps toward goals. It’s simple, but it’s incredibly hard."

This is a quote from the CrossFit Journal article Overweight? You Need to Read This by Kai Rainey. Kai weighed more than 300 pounds at the age of 42 and she had tried every diet out there with the typical yo-yo results. Nothing had worked, until she found CrossFit. 

She dedicated herself to the training first, then, as she adapted to the workouts, she started working on her nutrition. She took it one step and one day at a time. 

Sure, the exercise routine could have been something other than CrossFit, but I truly believe the community support found in most CrossFit gyms is something special and not often replicated. And I believe it's that support system that helps people stay on track and reach their goals without being judged.

Her story is amazing and you should read the article as well as her blog My Last Fat Summer. You can also learn more about her in the CrossFit podcast video below. 

It's important for everyone to understand the journey of weight loss for an obese person. It's important for all of us to understand what anyone different than us goes through so we can know how best to support that journey. 

I think her story is valuable for all of us, and if you or anyone you know is looking for a place to make a change, please know that 616 is there for you.


Workout for Monday, January 11
KB Romanian Deadlifts

5X5 with Pause in Bottom Position Each Rep


12 minute AMRAP

40 Double Unders

7 Burpees

14 Dumbbell Snatches (alternating Arms)

CrossFit 616