Thursday, September 14

Our friends at Train Out Pain have launched the Kickstarter for their new mobility tool - MOBI.

It's a great tool with multiple uses and fits easily in a gym bag. Check it out and support them if you can!

Today is a perfect day to focus on your rowing technique, while getting in some aerobic capacity work. Here's a video from Dark Horse Rowing (posted recently on the Facebook group by Kyle S.) explaining why you should keep your heels down while rowing. It's all about CONNECTION!

This isn't a race or a timed workout. We are working on keeping our heart rate in a specific range and focusing on technique. Don't get lazy and spend 25 minutes creating bad habits. It may feel weird at first to change technique, but that's ok. You'll eventually get faster and be more efficient if you fix your technique now.

Thursday, September 14
Aerobic Capacity - Not for a Scored Time
Row 5,000m
Check Heart Rate every 1,000m
Maintain 150 BPM Heart Rate (24-26 beats in 10 sec)

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