Wednesday, September 20

Fueling Activity is back! After a little summer break, our nutrition program Fueling Activity is making a return to get your eating in order.

This program will get your nutrition in line with your level of activity. You need to be eating the right amount of the right things to promote growth and recovery, while maximizing fat loss and/or muscle gain. The program is based around your needs and goals and will be tailored to you over the four-week plan.

There are two levels of membership:
Basic Fueling Activity: $75 - Meal plan with weekly emails
Updgraded Fueling Activity: $100 - Meal plan with weekly emails PLUS a one-on-one meeting before and group meeting at the end to discuss your goals and further your understanding of nutrition.

There are only eight spots per session and you can sign up at the gym.

If you need help with your nutrition, if you don't feel like you're recovering, or if you have specific performance and weight loss goals, Fueling Activity can help.

"The program was great! Once I got the hang of the food prep (just making the time) everything else fell into place. Several people at work ask how's the diet? I'd take a few minutes and explain that's it's not a diet but a way of eating to help with energy and recovery. I definitely saw an increase in those areas. I didn't eat terrible before but had lots of room for improvement like cutting down on the amount of sugar in my diet. I like my sweets but with what I've learned through this program I will be cutting back on them. With all the great foods you can eat to fuel yourself properly there just isn't the cravings for the sweet stuff. Following the fueling activity not only increased my energy but also slimmed up my midline. I found that the fueling activity is just another step in improving my overall health. Bottom line is you can't out work a bad diet. If anyone is on the fence about trying it I'd say sign up. You already come in to the box and work your butt off,  you need to make sure your eating right and at the right times. Fueling activity is going to help improve how you feel before, during and after workouts."

Workout for Wednesday, September 20
Strict Press
3X10 Building Up in Weight
Push Press
3X7 Building Up in Weight
*Work from a rack*

5 Rounds
1 min Max Effort Calorie Row
1 min Max Effort Calorie Bike
1 min Rest
*Score is total Calories

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