Monday, January 15

Here's a pretty cool look at the training the women of Wonder Woman went through to prepare for the film. 

I am sure they put in hours of hard work in the gym and dialed in their nutrition, but the interesting thing to me is that they don't really seem to talk a lot about how they look. Most of the conversation revolves around how they feel - strong, powerful, confident. And it seems like if you feel that way, you are pretty happy with how you look. 

There are lines like this throughout the video: confronting failure makes you stronger, doing something you didn't think you were capable of builds confidence, if something scares you - try it. 

I love seeing people work hard to reach a goal, but so often in the end it seems like the hard work to get there is what really changes them. Let your hard work change you.

Workout for Monday, January 15
Back Squat 1 Rep Max - 30 min

3 Rounds For Time:
400m Row
Rest 1 min
*All out MAX EFFORT each round*

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