Wednesday, January 3

Are you living for your resume or your eulogy? This is the question David Brooks asks in his short Ted Talk below. 

We spend so much time trying to get ahead, in work, ahead of our neighbors, ahead of our friends and family, it's all about how much we can achieve.

But maybe we're focused on the wrong thing. Unfortunately, our society seems to value accomplishments over character, but I think that can change one person at a time.

I challenge you to take a different approach to 2018. Don't worry about what you achieve, worry about being an amazing person to those around you. Let hope, faith, love and forgiveness guide you in the new year and the achievements will come.


Workout for Wednesday, January 3
20 min NFT
Single Arm Farmer's Carries
5 Carries - Down w/ Left, Back with Right.
Accumulate 2 min of Side Plank on Each Side
Accumulate 2 min of L-Sit Holds

Bike Intervals
15 Rounds
10 sec Max Effort Sprint, Rest 50 sec
*For Max RPM each Round*

CrossFit 616