Thursday, February 1

This video from CrossFit caught my eye for a couple of reasons. One, It's called CrossFit, Healthy Eating "Saved My Life" and two, he talks about the confidence he has gained from doing CrossFit and getting healthy.

Vishal points out that CrossFit alone isn't enough to overcome a poor diet. You may lose some weight, but it will plateau and you certainly won't get the health benefits (nutrients) that come with the proper diet.

And I love the confidence part. I am not sure how anyone that does what we do on a daily basis could lack confidence. You kill it in the gym every day and prove that you're a badass, how could you not hold your head high outside of the gym?

I know it's not always that simple, and we all have those times when we get down on ourselves, but step back and take a look at what you do here. You are here making yourself better every day and that is something you should take pride in.

Let that confidence carry over into other parts of your life. Be strong and take control of those hard things like diet, work stress and family conflicts. You ARE capable of taking control. I know because I see what you do every day.

Keep pushing and soon you'll be inspiring those around you to change for the better. And thank you for your hard work every day!


Workout for Thursday, February 1
Pistol Practice - 5 Sets of 10 Reps Alternating Legs
Pistol Squats or Pistol Squat Progressions

Workout 18.0
For Time:
Dumbbell Snatches
Burpees Over the Dumbbell
*10 min Cap

CrossFit 616