Monday, October 22

We’ve discussed this on the blog before, but you should always be careful about the supplements you are taking. Supplements are NOT regulated like drugs and can be tainted with all sorts of harmful substances.

“Under a 1994 law, the U.S. government reclassified supplements as food rather than food additives. The law exempts supplements from any of the premarket safety and effectiveness testing the FDA requires for drugs.”

If you are taking a supplement, anything from vitamin C to pre-workout, you need to know and trust the source.

“The Food and Drug Administration has identified hundreds of supplements tainted with pharmaceuticals — from antidepressants and erectile dysfunction remedies to weight-loss drugs — since 2007, a study published Friday shows. Even after FDA tests proved the supplements contained unapproved or recalled medications, many of the products continued to be marketed and sold, the analysis finds.”

So, not only is the government letting pretty much anyone put a supplement on the market - including that guy mixing stuff in his basement and slapping a label on it - they’re not forcing them off the shelves when they know they’re tainted.

Our advice is to eat real food to get the nutrients you need. Don’t rely on pills and powders unless you really need to add something to your diet you can’t get from food. They are called supplements for a reason, so use them to supplement your nutritious diet only as needed. And please make sure you know what you are putting in your body.

Read the full article from NPR here: No Wonder It Works So Well: There May Be Viagra In That Herbal Supplement

Workout for Monday, October 22
5 Rounds For Time:
8 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
10 Pull Ups
12 Pistols Alternating Legs

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