Wednesday, October 3

I’ve posted stuff from Dr. Andy Galpin before, and I get that some of you may not be interested in the science of exercise and muscle, but he is leading the way on research in this field. The more we can understand how the body responds to the different stimuli we feed it, the more efficient and effective we can be with our training.

Here, Dr. Galpin gives a five-minute physiology lesson on muscle fiber types. We have known about slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers for a long time, but we are learning now that it’s not that simple. These fibers can change and become hybrids of slow and fast. We can make these fibers move from the hybrid to fast twitch by the way we train.

Some of us we have just been lumped in the slow twitch category and think we will never be fast, but now we’re finding that we have more control than we previously thought.

The fact is, if you train something like speed, your body will adapt and get faster. So, if you just think you were born a certain way and that’s that, you are mistaken. You can get faster, stronger or better at endurance by training it.

I’ve written about the fixed vs. growth mindset a lot, and now it applies to the physiological realm as well. Go after whatever it is you want and your body will respond!

Workout for Wednesday, October 3
Min 1) Single Arm DB Press - 7 on Right then 7 on Left
Min 2) 40 Sec Hollow Rock or Hold
Min 3) 7 Deadlifts (225/155)
Min 4) 40 sec Heavy Object Hold
Min 5) Max Double Unders or Double Under Practice
Min 6) Rest

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