Wednesday, October 24

Change the narrative.

They way you talk to yourself makes a difference. Do you approach a workout with apprehension or excitement? Do you look forward to challenging yourself with new movements and heavier loads? Or do you fear anything new and think about all of the negative possible outcomes?

How you approach the situation matters AND you can train yourself to have a more positive approach.

Sure, at first you’ll be faking it a bit, but eventually you will start to believe yourself and then it will become second nature.

Check out this short talk from Simon Sinek on changing the narrative from nervous to excited.

Workout for Wednesday, October 24
Pause Back Squat
5X3 @ 60% to 70%
*Pause in Bottom. Focus on Position Driving Up.

Jump Rope Progressions

12 min AMRAP
50 Double Unders or 100 Single Unders
15 Air Squats
10 Single Arm DB Push Press Each Arm

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