Thursday, October 25

Don’t forget to sign up for the group outings coming up soon! The deadline to sign up for the Altitude Trampoline park outing is this Friday, October 26. The outing is next Saturday, Nov. 3 at 11 am. That means we are closing at 10:30 am on that Saturday.

The Griffins game is Friday, December 14 at 7 pm. We will close the gym one hour early that day at 6 pm. Fridays at the Griffins means $2 hot dogs and $2 beers. And we’re getting seats with wait service!

Sign ups for both are at the gym on the main whiteboard. Also, there is a column for guests - do not count yourself as a guest. If you put your name on the line that is how you sign up, then you give us the number of guests if you are bringing any.

Workout for Thursday, October 25
*Building Up in Weight with Good Position.

Min 1) 7 Bent Over Barbell Rows - Supinated Grip
Min 2) 10 Plate Twists (45/25) - Slow and Controlled Tempo
Min 3) 40 Sec Hollow Hold
Min 4) High Plank Hold

CrossFit 616