Monday, October 29

CrossFit shared this article from Undark the other day and I think it’s pretty interesting. We know that corporate America funds studies on food, drugs and everything else, and we know that corporate funding can taint the results of these studies. So what’s a scientist to do?

If you are trying to make a name for yourself and build a career, but there’s no government funding to go around, should you take on a study even if it is funded by a corporation?

There’s not a simple answer of course, but it is always worth knowing who is funding the research.

Indeed, in her soon-to-be-released book — “Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the Science of What We Eat” — nutrition researcher and New York University emeritus professor Marion Nestle (no relation to the food manufacturer) urges us to “envision a red warning flag flying high in the air,” whenever a report claims that a single food product, ingredient, beverage, or supplement raises or lowers the risk of obesity or disease. For one thing, overall dietary patterns, and not any single factor, are what matter most to our health, she notes. And in many cases, as she details in the book, studies boasting positive health effects are underwritten by corporate manufacturers.

There is no magic food or drink out there that can make you lose weight or cure diseases. Your overall, long-term pattern of eating nutritious food and exercising is what makes a difference. So, next time you see the headlines about “Food X” doing something that seems to good to be true, do your research and figure out who is behind that study before calling it gospel.

Maybe one day our government will not be so heavily influenced by corporate money and they can actually create a system of real, unbiased research that could really make a difference.

Read the full article here: Is It Ethical for Nutrition Scientists to Accept Industry Money?

Workout for Monday, October 29
Snatch Practice
Every 2 minutes for 20 min
1 Snatch from Power Position
1 Snatch from Mid-Knee
1 Snatch from the Floor

7 min AMRAP
7 T2B
11 Wall Balls (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')

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