Friday, November 30

I love this post from Brad Schoenfeld, PhD below. He is a leading researcher on exercise and muscle growth and we have learned a lot from his research over the years. But guess what, he’s not always right and neither are we!

Like his caption says, if you consider yourself a true scientist, you can not be afraid to admit you are wrong.

I’m not a scientist in the technical sense, but I think we are all amatuer scientists in some respect. Every day we are experimenting with new workouts, new foods, new Netflix shows. We try something, decide if it works for us and move on.

And we all rely on research to some degree. Remember when fat made you fat? Remember when Coca-Cola was medicine (and full of cocaine)? Remember when the Earth was flat?

Yes, I realize some people believe all of these are still true, but for the rest of us, we have moved on. We can only make decisions based on the information we currently know. And sometimes, that info changes.

We shouldn’t be ashamed that we used to believe other things, we were doing our best with what we knew then. As science evolves and we have more and more information we should learn that some things are no longer true. I’d be scared if we didn’t.

So while we are always trying to do our best, things may change over the years. What we told people when we opened the gym seven years ago may not be the exact things we tell people today. We are constantly learning and evolving too.

Hopefully you are always seeking the newest and best information on whatever you are interested in. And don’t judge anyone else for not knowing the latest info. If we all share what we know it will help everyone catch up and we can be a more informed society. And that can only lead to good things.

Like he says below, “Always be curious. Always be skeptical. Always have an open mind.”

Workout for Friday, November 30
15 minutes to Build to Heavy Power Snatch for Today

30 Snatches for Time (135/95)

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