Monday, December 3

I’m not sure we’ve done a good enough job explaining this concept. Hopefully it at least sounds familiar to you all, but all of us need a reminder from time to time.

Technique vs. Intensity

You can only add intensity once the technique is sound.

To be honest, the reason I’m writing this blog is because I heard (and saw myself) from all of the coaches after Thursday’s workout that people’s technique really suffered during the high intensity workout.

We’ve all been guilty of this, including every single one of our coaching staff, and we correct each other. As a staff, we are doing our best to keep you safe and get you as fit as possible, but if we let movement quality slide, we’re not doing our job.

I don’t want this to sound like we’re reprimanding you either, we are taking full ownership here, but trying to make sure we communicate this more clearly and more often as we go forward.

We can only add intensity once the technique is sound.

That means you may need to slow down or take weight off the bar from time to time. And I get it, the message gets confusing. We are saying go hard and push yourself one minute and slow down or scale back the next. What do you want me to do?!

Tom posted this video on his Facebook page last week and I think it explains this more clearly and concisely than I could write here, so please watch it. It’s only 2.5 minutes, and hopefully it will explain how we can push hard and make sure technique is sound.

And as always, please let us know if this doesn’t make sense or if you have questions!

Workout for Monday, December 3
Bench Press
Build Up to Heavy Set of 7

For Time:
DB Snatches Alternating Arms (50/35)

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