Thursday, November 8

Remember that there is no weightlifting class this week. We wrapped up the latest cycle and have a few people competing in Kalamazoo Sunday. We will begin the new cycle on Thursday, November 15.

We have muscle ups in the workout Thursday and we know that getting a muscle up is a goal for a lot of people. We also know that the path to a muscle up is through building the strength and mobility to get in and hold the correct positions.

Strength building comes from negatives, pull ups, banded pull ups and negatives, bar dips, ring dips, and more.

There is no shortcut to mastering a skill. People that have mastered something make it look easy, but they put in hours and hours of work to get there.

Even the young piano virtuoso didn’t sit down for the first time and play Mozart. Sure, it may take some people less time to develop a skill than others, but there are still countless hours of hard work to get to mastery.

Check out the video below from CrossFit Gymnastics coach Juan Castro. He owns every position in the muscle up and I am sure he makes them look easy when he removes the pauses.

And here’s the caption: “Do you get frustrated watching people ease through more difficult skills? You know what they have behind those skills? You guessed it - a foundation of strength and flexibility!”

If you really want something, you have to be willing to put in the work to get there. There are no shortcuts and you’re going to need to enjoy the process. But, with hard work, you CAN get there. Decide what you want and go after it!

Workout for Thursday, November 8
Weighted Pull Ups
*Scale with Weighted Negatives or Ring Rows

5 Rounds for Time
5 Ring Muscle Ups
3 Man Makers
15 Air Squats

*1 Man-Maker:
1 Push Up on Dumbbells
1 DB Row Right
1 DB Row Left
1 Squat Clean Thruster

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