Thursday, December 20

The next CrossFit 616 Kids session will start Saturday, January 5! This will once again be a 4-week session, but this time we’re ending with something big!

That’s right, the final day is Saturday, January 26, and the kids will be a featured act at the In-House competition!

We will spend three weeks teaching them the skills they need to do a workout at the competition with all of you there to support them. They will get a chance to show off what they have learned and showcase their talents.

This is not just for the children of 616 members, so please tell your friends, neighbors, and family about this great opportunity to get kids moving and learning the skills of a healthy lifestyle.

The session will be $99 for four weeks and you can sign up your kid(s) by emailing today!

Workout for Thursday, December 20
Weighted Pull Ups
Negative Pull Ups / Weighted Negative Pull Ups
5 sets of 2

10 Rounds for Time
10/7 Cal Bike
10/7 Cal Row
10 Burpees

CrossFit 616