Thursday, December 27

A recent personal training session turned into a discussion about nutrition that has been heavy on my mind lately. This concept needs to be shared...nutrition and budgeting (finances) are practically the same.

Nutrition and Budgeting both require a conscious decision to start getting on track.

If we are not happy with our body composition or our performance we will typically look at our nutrition. What are we eating on a regular basis that’s helping or hindering our movement towards shedding body fat, building muscle, and/or performing better in the gym? From there we make the conscious decision to start to change the way we are eating to move us in the direction of our goals.

If we are not happy with our financial situation we will typically look at our spending habits. What is our hard-earned money being spent on day-to-day and month-to-month and how is that impacting our bank accounts, retirement, debt, etc? A deeper look into our income and spending leads us to making the conscious decision to start working with a budget so that we can reach our financial goals.

Finding Advice about Nutrition and Budgeting can be overwhelming!

    There are endless diets on the market along with resources to help with your nutrition. Some are insanely expensive while others are free. The same goes for budgeting. You can pay someone tons of money to advise you on what to do with your money or you can listen to free financial podcasts that give great information. Exploring information about nutrition and budgeting can be overwhelming with the amount of information out there, not to mention the contrasting views on both topics. Someone is telling you to eat no carbohydrates while another is telling you to cut out all dietary fats. Another is telling you to eat eight small meals each day to help burn fat while somewhere else you’re reading that eight small meals a day will make you gain fat. One finance blog is suggesting that you invest aggressively in stocks while another encourages a conservative retirement fund for investments. WHO IS RIGHT? WHAT WILL GET ME THE BEST RESULTS? AND WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

The answer is: RELAX. You need to take a deep breath and relax. Simplify your thoughts and focus on the most important piece: Executing the Plan.

People fail to reach their nutritional goals and financial goals because of a lack of execution.

    You’ve done your research on the best nutrition plan/budget plans. You’ve chosen to go with the plan that looks the best on paper, shows solid results for others, and works the best for you and your lifestyle. You’ve taken the time to look up recipes, grocery shop, and prep your food. Similarly, you’ve downloaded a budgeting app, researched every penny of debt you have to your name, and know exactly how much money you will spend in the upcoming months. You’ve done all the preparation anyone could hope to do. You know exactly how many calories you’ll be consuming. You know exactly how much money should be left over at the end of the month. You will be successful….unless the execution of your plan is lacking.

Execute the plan 100% of the time and the results will be what you set out to do. Execute the plan 90% of the time and the results will be reflective of that 90% effort. Continue executing less and the results will continue to be less desirable. If your meal plan doesn’t call for that dessert or those three drinks then do not consume them. If your budget does not have money set aside for a new pair of shoes or a night on the town do not spend that money. If you choose not to use the discipline necessary to execute then there is to be no complaining and no blaming. No complaining about not losing weight or poor performance. No complaining that you don’t have money to pay for your real needs. Absolutely no blaming a nutrition plan or budget plan for not being the right one for you. You dropped the ball by not executing what the plan called for. No plan will work if you lack the discipline to execute.

The bottom line, in your face truth is that if you are not getting the results you want it’s time to be honest with yourself. Every bite of food that goes into your mouth is either helping you execute your nutrition plan or it’s hurting your progress. Every time you spend money it is either following your budget plan or it’s taking away from your financial goals. Those little bites or snacks add up just like those little things you spend money on mindlessly. It’s easy to see if we stuck to our budget or not because the numbers are right there in front of us. While your body composition doesn’t show as a finite number like your budget, the same calculations are happening inside of you. The more discipline you display, the more those numbers will move in your favor resulting in that goal of improved body composition, more muscle mass, etc.

The similarities and cross-over between nutrition and budget are obvious. They both require discipline and the focus on doing the right thing NOW to get the desired outcome that comes later. The cool part is that if we put a plan into action that’s aimed at our goals we have the ability to control the outcome. We have the CHOICE to have 0% to 100% execution. When you set out to do something that’s important to you execute on every detail in your control and you will love the outcome.

Workout for Thursday, December 27

Back Squat


Building to Heavy Set of 3

5 Rounds for Time

8 DB Thrusters (50/35)

6 Burpees Over the DBs

CrossFit 616