Monday, December 10

Fear is an important feeling we have as humans. There are certain things we need to fear that could cause us bodily harm. That feeling of fear causes our adrenaline to start pumping and pushes into the fight or flight state that may just save our lives if needed.

But, there’s another type of fear that we developed thousands of years ago, that if we weren’t pulling our weight in the tribe, or if we were somehow different, we would be kicked out, forced to live alone and fend for ourselves. And living this way in the wild is not great for survival.

We don’t live in that type of society anymore, but we still carry the fear of being rejected with us. We need to turn that around.

In fact, now we live in a society that rewards the outliers and the people willing to go out on their own to try new things. We need to embrace that in ourselves.

In the gym we see fear creep up all the time, whether it’s the fear of attempting a heavy PR lift or the fear of not performing well on a workout. All of us have the thoughts of, “If I don’t do well on this workout or if I don’t beat so and so on this workout does that mean I don’t have value? Will people laugh at me if I finish last? Will I be ostracized?”

Even though we rationally know it’s not true, or we can’t even put a finger on what we’re feeling, we all suffer from these thoughts from time to time. It’s time to take charge of the situation and change the feeling of fear into a feeling of motivation. Use that adrenaline and fight or flight response to your advantage. Your body is amping you up for the situation - use it!

And, as Ben Bergeron points out in the video, these fears are irrational because no one else cares if you scale a workout or finish last, mainly because we are all wrapped up in our own performance, but also because the gym is filled with people that care about you and that you are doing what’s best for you.

Workout for Monday, December 10
Handstand and HSPU Practice

12 min AMRAP
Power Cleans (155/105)
Back Squats

*Max Effort Burpees in Remaining Time
*Scale HSPU w/ Hand Release Push Up

CrossFit 616