Friday, February 2

Anyone remember 15.5? Here's Mat Fraser and Alex Anderson taking it on. I'm sure this is exactly what I'll look like doing it too. 

In all seriousness, I don't post videos like this to make us look bad, I do it to push us and inspire us. Seeing the best in the world can motivate us because we know what's possible with hard work.

Sure, we may never make it to the CrossFit Games, but we can get better each day. I've talked about the growth vs. fixed mindset before and this is a perfect example.

Having a growth mindset doesn't mean you're the best. It means that you're ready to practice and work to get a little better each day. It also means you accept where you are because you know it's not where you're going to be tomorrow, next month or next year. Having a growth mindset means you don't have to be afraid of failure because you can learn from that experience rather than letting it define you.

So, check out the best of the best doing this workout and then give it YOUR best!


Workout for Friday, February 2
Open Workout 15.5
For Time:
Calorie Row
Thrusters (95/65)

1,000m Cool Down Row

CrossFit 616