Friday, February 16

Every time I see videos like the one below I get a little more excited. We've been talking to you all week about the Open and getting you to join our team and hopefully you do!

Don't make the Open something scary or bigger than it needs to be. It's just about getting together with your fellow members each week and pushing a little harder than you normally do. It's a great test of where you are and I promise it is a lot of fun.

I've heard a ton of reasons about why some of you don't want to do the Open, but I've never heard anyone say they regretted doing it afterwards. It really is fun and rewarding. 

Also, paying the money to officially enter DOES make you push harder. It's just $4 a week and I know most of us waste more money than that on coffee and beer. 

The fact is, I want you on my team. I want you to see what you're capable of, and I have seen how the Open brings the people of this gym together each year. I want you to experience that. 

Our first head-to-head matchup will be announced soon so please be ready to support them Thursday night at 8 pm for the first workout announcement! 

Looking forward to another great season with you all! 


Workout for Friday, February 16
For Time:
1,000m Row Buy In
20 Clean and Jerks (205/135)
1,000m Row Cash Out

CrossFit 616