Thursday, February 22

Open workout 18.1 announcement tonight! The announcement is at 8 pm and as soon as we hear it, Adam and Jeff are going head-to-head!

Come out to watch the announcement and support these guys.

We obviously don't know what Friday's workout is going to be so we're not doing anything crazy today. Come in and recover with a nice row and be ready for Friday!

Here's a reminder of the schedule throughout the Open:

Thursday 8 pm - Workout Announcement and Head-to-Head Matchup

Friday - Full class schedule through noon class, Open workout is WOD (secure your own judge during class times)
Open gym 3-5 pm (secure your own judge)
Friday Night Lights - 5-8 pm (you don't have to be here the whole time, just workout in a heat and judge a heat)

Elements and Weightlifting - 8:15 am
CrossFit - 9:30 am
Extra Credit - 10:30 am
Open Gym for Open Workout (secure your own judge) - 9:30-11:30 am in new gym

Full Class Schedule
Open Gym 3-4 pm (secure your own judge)
New gym space available in evenings until 7 pm (secure your own judge)

Workout for Thursday, February 22
Aerobic Capacity
30 min Row
Check Heart Rate Every 5 min
Maintain 150 BPM Heart Rate
*25 beats in 10 seconds*

CrossFit 616