Tuesday, February 27

Saw this post from Catalyst Athletics the other day and I think it's good advice for all of us. I think this advice applies to CrossFit as much as weightlifting, especially during the Open. How many times do you retry a missed lift? How many times do you redo a workout? 

There's no one right answer for every occasion, but Greg Everett offers some good advice on when and how much you should retake a missed lift.

A question I get a lot is how many times do you continue attempting a weight you’re missing?
My answer is that it depends on a few things. First, you only continue if you’re extremely confident you’ll be able to make the lift.
This means it’s a technical issue you know you can correct - it’s not a weight beyond your ability that day because you’re not strong enough or you’re too fatigued.
Another consideration is whether or not the weight is a PR attempt - it makes sense sometimes to keep fighting for a PR; it doesn’t make much sense to kill yourself trying to make 90%.
There are times that it’s important to not give yourself too many attempts. Ultimately you have to be able to get it done in 3 attempts - so you need to train to prepare for that. This should be how you train the majority of the time - limit yourself to 3 attempts at a weight before moving on. You have to learn that you have to be able to get it done when you need to get it done. There are no 4th attempts.
You also need to avoid training yourself to miss - if you allow infinite misses in training, that’s what you become good at. You can also create mental blocks at certain weights by repeatedly missing and teaching your mind that the weight is impossible.
So when you start missing, take a moment and think about what’s happening. Make your decision on whether or not to continue attempting the weight with a sensible rationale.
Tag a friend who either gives up too easily or tries to kill themselves attempting a lift that isn’t even close a million times.

Workout for Tuesday, February 27

Snatch Practice

10 Rounds, One Round Every 1:30

1 Snatch from Mid Knee

1 Snatch from Floor

8 min AMRAP

10 DB Snatches

7 C2B Pull Ups

50 Double Unders

CrossFit 616