Wednesday, February 7

We've got overhead squats today and this movement gives people trouble usually for mobility and stability reasons. If you can't get in a good position you will be weak in the movement even if you're relatively strong.

You can do a search on Youtube for overhead squat mobility and find hundreds if not thousands of videos for things to try to improve your OHS position. 

But how do we make a long-term change for our mobility. Some of these foam rolling and banded stretching routines make a big difference for a day, but they don't seem to last. We need to make a plan to really fix the problem.

Sorry if this is too much of a sales pitch, but making long-term change is what the mobility clinic we're hosting is all about.

We have the lower body clinic coming up on February 17 and in this course you will go through lots of tests and drills. Some of these drills will be harder than others and those are the ones you know you need to focus on going forward. You have to put in the work after learning what you need to fix.

If your hips, hamstrings, glutes, ankles, etc... feel tight, this clinic is for you. Sign up at the gym while space is still available.

Workout for Wednesday, February 7
Clean and Jerk Practice
15 Rounds, 1 Every 1:30
1 Clean and Jerk
*Build Up in Weight with good lifts

Overhead Squat
Build Up with Good Lifts in a good Position

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