Thursday, February 8

We've got some time set aside today for skill practice. This can be any skill you choose - kipping pull ups, muscle ups, handstand push ups, double unders or anything else. Please have something in mind that you need to work on so we can get right to work.

Also, the MidSummer Meltdown is back for 2018! The partner (MM/FF, RX'd/Scaled) competition will be Saturday, June 16. 

We're looking forward to hosting the competition with more space to spread out and have some fun. Find your partner now and get registered here!

And follow along with all of the updates and conversation for the event on Facebook here.

Workout for Thursday, February 8
15 min Skill Practice
Pick a Skill Movement to Practice

7K Row
*Stop Every 1,000m to check heart rate. 
**Looking for 150 BPM, 25 beats in 10 sec 

CrossFit 616