Friday, March 2

You are all what makes CrossFit 616 such a great community and special place to work out. Every single one of you make the whole Crossfit 616 experience better. We are so excited to be able to share the new rooms and amenities with you. With that said, we ask you to please leave the gym spaces and lounge space better than you found them to keep that experience great for your fellow 616 members. This means checking and rechecking your area for messes or equipment before leaving. With the added space comes added benefits and comfort, but it also brings more spaces to keep tidy. We have always strived to keep CrossFit 616 clean and organized to better your experience, and you’ve always done a great job in helping keep it that way for one another. We thank you in advance for helping us out! 

Below are a few guidelines we want to share with everyone to keep everything running safely and effectively.

Children at CrossFit 616: We love seeing all of our 616 children here at the gym and part of the community! When kids of all ages are here they need to be in the kids room if they are not supervised by their parents (lets define supervised as 100% attention on carrying around, sitting on lap, or holding their hand). Small children can be in carseats in other areas if a parent is present and paying full attention to them. Children are not to be in the lounge or gym unsupervised at any time. Parents are responsible for picking up after their children before they leave. Our primary concern is the safety of the children and our members.

Pet Rules: We love dogs and other pets, unfortunately we can’t have everyone bring his or her pet to the gym. If you must bring your pet with you, please have appropriate leashes and/or kennels. Also, all pets must be kept outside on the sidewalk (not blocking doorways), on the grass, or in a car with appropriate ventilation and water. If your pet leaves anything behind it is your responsibility to clean it up.

Cubby Rules: Cubbies are meant to be shared! If your shoes are in a cubby and you see another pair of shoes in the same cubby, be happy that someone cares enough to want to share with YOU… because everyone has the right to use a cubby. If you don’t like sharing (that’s ok, but shame on you) you can bring your own gym bag. If you bring a gym bag to class please make sure that it finds its way into the shelves in the lounge. Into the shelves means on a shelf, not on the floor or couch or anywhere else in the lounge. We think you understand. If you don’t, please ask Tom and he will give a demonstration and help you practice.

We could not be happier to offer the new space and amenities to our members because you are all what makes CrossFit 616 the place that it is. Please help us out in continuing to make CrossFit 616 a clean, safe, and fun experience for all!

Friday Night Lights is from 5-8 pm. Please come workout, judge and cheer everyone on in that window of time. Remember, if you're not coming during Friday Night Lights you need to provide your own judge - even if it's during a scheduled class time!

Please watch the standards video and read all of the rules before starting. Remember, you need to know the rules if you are competing or judging. Please help us hold the standard!

Workout for Friday, March 2
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time of:
Dumbbell squats
Bar-facing burpees

1-rep-max clean

CrossFit 616