Monday, March 12

"You have to suck at CrossFit to get better at CrossFit."

This is a quote from Chase Ingraham during the 18.3 announcement Thursday night. I clipped off that part of the video below so you can watch it and see the point he makes for yourself. But, this is why we do the Open - it forces us to try the things we aren't good at.

You can get mad that there are pull ups/muscle ups in the workout, or you can give it your best shot. Maybe you get your first one (we saw lots of that) or maybe you don't, but you at least tried and that's what it's about. 

It forces you out of your comfort zone and we all need that from time to time. So don't be afraid to suck at a workout because you're trying to push to the next level. Your score for that day may be slower than you wanted, but you will have made more progress towards your goals in the end.

Workout for Monday, March 12
14 min EMOM
Min 1: 10 Deadlifts (225/155) + 2 C2B
Min 2: 8 Deadlifts + 4 C2B
Min 3: 6 Deadlifts + 6 C2B
Min 5: 4 Deadlifts + 8 C2B
Min 6: 2 Deadlifts + 10 C2B
Rest through Min 9
Min 10: 2 Deadlifts + 10 C2B
Min 11: 4 Deadlifts + 8 C2B
Min 12: 6 Deadlifts + 6 C2B
Min 13: 8 Deadlifts + 4 C2B
Min 14: 10 Deadlifts + 2 C2B

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