Tuesday, March 13

We have a matchup for this Thursday's announcement! Join us Thursday night at 8 pm to watch Zach, Casey and Isaiah take on 18.4 immediately following the announcement.


We only have a couple of weeks left in the Open and I want you all to remember to enjoy it, but use the information to help you get better. I asked a couple of classes today to think about what movement from 18.3 needed the most work and to not let that movement be a problem for you next year. 

There's no such thing as failure if you learn from everything. Even if things don't go as planned, if you learn from that and work harder, you can only get better and that can not be considered failing.

Workout for Tuesday, March 13
Back Squat
4X2 @ 75% to 85%
*Emphasis on Slow Controlled Tempo Down*

2 Rounds
6 min AMRAP
8 Wall Balls (30# to 10' / 20# to 9')
8 Burpee Box Jump Overs
Rest 4 min

CrossFit 616