Wednesday, March 14

Now that we are using the new entrance, please don't park in front of Mark It's space during their business hours, between 8-5 pm. Thank you!

Handstand push up work today! Depending on where you are with these we will give you some progressions to get to the next step. Remember, these skill movements also require a base level of strength. They also require some extra practice. When we do have the opportunity to work on them in class, please take note of what YOU need to work on so you can practice on your own. 

Movements like handstand push ups, double unders, muscle ups, pull ups, etc. don't come easy, but you can get them if you put in the work. That may mean spending a few extra minutes outside of class. It all depends on how fast YOU want to acquire a skill. Hope we can get you going in the right direction today!

Here's a good video for those of you that have trouble with falling off the wall while doing kipping handstand push ups.


Workout for Wednesday, March 14
Handstand Push Up Practice

7 Rounds for Time
18 Air Squats
Row 400m

CrossFit 616