Tuesday, March 6

The matchup for 18.3 is set and it features yours truly! Tim challenged me and it should be a nice rematch from our Barbells for Boobs head to head. 

I'll be blunt, I'm gonna need your support, so please come out to watch us take on 18.3 right after the announcement that starts at 8 pm. 

Awesome job on 18.2! We saw some really great efforts and PRs! It's crazy to think you could PR your clean after doing that workout, but we saw it happen again and again. This is why we do the Open. It brings out the best in you and shows you what you're really capable of.



Workout for Tuesday, March 6
Power Snatch Practice
Build Up in Weight w/ Good Lifts

7 min AMRAP
11 Power Snatches (75/55)
30 Double Unders
*Scale Double Unders with 30 sec Practice

CrossFit 616