Thursday, March 8

JUST SCHEDULED! We reserved a space at New Holland Brewing for the final Friday Night Lights! No, we will not do the workout there, but we will head over right after the workout on Friday, March 23. Join us at The New Holland Knickerbocker at 8:30 pm to celebrate the end of the Open and all of the great performances we saw throughout!

Just a personal request to please come watch the Open announcement tonight as I (Brian) take on Timmer in the head-to-head matchup. I need all the support I can get!

And yes, this is me right now...

Workout for Thursday, March 8
Aerobic Capacity
Min 1: Row @ 150 BPM Pace
Min 2: Steady Pace Air Squats
Min 3: Steady Pace Burpees
Min 4: Steady Pace Sit Ups
Min 5: Rest

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