Wednesday, April 11

Tomorrow and Thursday we are hosting the Merrell photoshoot in the new gym space from 8 am to 5 pm. We will still have our normal class schedule, but if you are here during those hours, please avoid the shoot location and be aware that there will be a lot of extra people in and out throughout the day. Please show them all the 616 love you normally do. They will most likely leave equipment set up Wednesday evening so the new gym space may be limited somewhat. Thanks for understanding!

I saw the saying "Necessary Not Accessory" the other day when referring to the non-WOD movements we do from time to time. 

The movements in the first part of today's work are typically called accessory movements, but they really are necessary for us to move properly and reduce the risk of pain or injury down the road. Some people call them "successory" movements!

During the first part, take your time and move as well as you possibly can. Don't worry about how much weight is on the bar or how fast you are going. That's not the point. Quality movement trumps everything and makes your accessory work successory work!

Workout for Wednesday, April 11
5 Rounds, Rotating Through Movements:
Min 1: Seated Tricep Extensions - 7 Reps
Min 2: Weighted Pistols / Pistol Progressions - 10 Reps
Min 3: DB Lat Pull Overs - 7 Reps
Min 4: Heavy Object Hold - Entire Minute
Min 5: Chin Ups / Chin Up Grip Bar Rows - ME Unbroken Set
*10 sec transition between minutes

8 min AMRAP
Bike 5 Calories
7 Burpees

CrossFit 616