Tuesday, April 17

Since we've switched signing in to class to the iPad, things have been much smoother, but we want you to know you can use the Mindbody app to sign in to any class before you arrive. This is the easiest and best way to sign up for the Saturday 9:30 am CrossFit class. 

You need to sign up for the Saturday class so we can plan appropriately for the number of people in the team and partner WODs.  You can sign up each week starting the Monday before the class you want to attend. If you can't make it, you need to cancel 24 hours in advance because someone wants that spot.

It's a 24-hour cancellation policy. Not a "My alarm went off, but I was too tired" policy. Help out your fellow members and cancel early so someone else can come. 

If you sign up for the Saturday class and don't show or cancel in time, you will be charged a drop in fee of $15.

Some of you have had issues getting the Mindbody app to sync properly. Here is an article that walks you through what to do if it's telling you to pay or call when you try to sign up.

Workout for Tuesday, April 17
8 min Clock
Buy-In with 1,000m Row
In Remaining Time:
40 Double Unders (scale w/ hurdle hops)
14 Sit Ups
Rest 5 min
12 min Clock
Buy-In with 3 Rounds of:
40 Double Unders
14 Sit Ups
In Remaining Time:
Max Distance Row

CrossFit 616