Wednesday, April 18

We're now taking t-shirt orders because we know it will eventually be warm! There are lots of options to choose from shirt-wise, so check out everything here or below before ordering. You can see all of the shirt option and there are links to the website so you can see the colors and options in more detail. Scroll all the way through because there are sweatshirt order forms at the bottom. Last sweatshirt order until the fall!

We going back to Next Level shirts to prevent some of the sizing issues we had with previous orders on a different brand.

You can fill out the order sheet on the Google Doc online (not the one embeded below, click the link above) or you can write your order in at the gym. DOUBLE CHECK THE ORDER FORM TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE ORDERING THE CORRECT ITEM. ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL.

Workout for Wednesday, April 18
12 minutes to Build to Heavy Power Snatch for Today

Using 80% of Today's Max
EMOM 10 min
1 Power Snatch

Weighted Glute Bridges
5X5 Building Up in Weight

CrossFit 616