Monday, April 23

When You Never Rx Anything

I think this article from the CrossFit Journal speaks to a lot of us. It's written from the perspective of someone who was morbidly obese and starting CrossFit, but there are lessons in it that apply to everyone. 

"The first time I heard the phrase “leave your ego at the door,” I didn’t apply it to myself. I assumed that advice was for the strapping bodybuilder who just suffered through Nancy for the first time or the spin instructor who paid tribute to DT."

We all need to check our ego occasionally and step back to see the bigger picture. In the article she references how we measure ourselves with specific workouts, but in reality, it's the small components of each of those workouts that make up our fitness.

It's not just about your Fran time, it's about your ability to squat with quality to a full range of motion. It's about adding a little bit more weight each time as you get stronger. It's about moving steadily over time from ring rows to jumping pull ups to pull ups. Each of those things shows improvement in your health and fitness and you can celebrate each victory accordingly. 

Take a minute to read the article and I hopefully you can change your mindset if needed. There's a point for all of us when we realize we can't do something, and that may sting a little bit. But if we step back and really take pride in small accomplishments, we won't beat ourselves up over whether we "RX" or not.

Workout for Monday, April 23
Pause Back Squat - Pause in Bottom
2X3 @ 70% to 75%
2X2 @ 75% to 80%
2X1 @ 80% to 85%
*No Bounce Out After Pause!

4 Rounds for Time:
11 Thrusters (95/65)
9 Bar Hop Burpees

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