Wednesday, April 25

I was listening to the Wodcast Podcast the other day and the guest was CrossFit Los Angeles coach and owner Kenny Kane. He was talking about the future of fitness and CrossFit and one of the concepts he brought up was investment vs. consumption.

I love this.

We need to start thinking about our health and fitness as an investment, not some product that can be purchased for a day and thrown out the next. We've seen it for years and years - people join a gym, see some results in the first few months, plateau and then move on the the next gym. 

Most of the time, there is little to no learning curve or time spent developing a base of good technique and understanding what you're doing. You're just "buying" an hour of sweating.

Hopping from one program to the next doesn't work. You NEED to invest in yourself and the program to get real, lasting results. This may require more time and money up front, but the returns will be worth it. You will be healthier and happier as you reach goal after goal.

This investment doesn't have to be CrossFit. I think CrossFit works well this way because of its constantly varied and infinitely scaleable nature, but whatever you choose to do, make an investment.

Don't think you can walk into an gym, buy a day pass and get results. That's consuming and it's getting you nowhere. With CrossFit, there's about a three-month window at the beginning before you can really start to push hard, move well and ramp up the intensity. But that three months of building a base makes the next three years that much more valuable. 

Program hopping doesn't work. Pick something and really put in the effort. Invest in what you are doing, don't just consume and the results will speak for themselves.

Workout for Wednesday, April 25
Tempo Sumo Stance KB Deadlifts
3 sec up, 3 sec Pause at Top, 3 sec down, 1 sec Pause in Bottom

11 min AMRAP
12 Lunges
9 Burpees

CrossFit 616