Friday, April 27

Weekly Roundup!

Here's some stuff I think you'll like:

1. How to hook grip properly. Read the article. Hook grip. Be happy. Hopefully some of these tips help you get more comfortable with this NECESSARY grip!

2. Someone asked me what a good Karen time is. Well, it's about 4:40 if you go unbroken. And yeah, this guy's big, so click this link to watch Noah Ohlsen (5'7" maybe) do 162 unbroken wall balls. Or click here to watch Kristan Hawkins do it unbroken in 4:09. Want to be good at wall balls? Do a bunch of wall balls. (I just chose this video because it's the best quality.)

Workout for Friday, April 27
For Time: 
150 Wall Balls (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')

10 minute Bike/Row/Run Cool Down

Pull Up Progressions

CrossFit 616