Tuesday, April 10

"I'm Working out but Can't Lose Weight" is an article from the CrossFit Journal that covers, you guessed it, nutrition! That's right, nutrition is that base of everything and without a well-balanced, real-food diet, you may be sabotaging all of your hard work in the gym.

Here's some of my favorite quotes from the article, but please read the full thing for yourself.

You’re getting the hang of this CrossFit thing.
You’ve been to several classes and you’re sleeping well, moving easier, breathing better.
You’ve learned the difference between an AMRAP and an EMOM.
If only the scale would move.
How can you do CrossFit—the hardest workouts on the planet—and not lose weight?
When you plug in those two Big Macs and realize that 12 bites of “food” could have been traded for 12 oz. of grilled chicken, an enormous green salad and a generous portion of sweet potatoes or rice, you will come to a singular conclusion: Bad food isn't worth it.

When you start on a journey, you have to know your point of origin. So spend the next 20 days educating yourself on what you actually eat. Log everything, no matter how horrible you think it is. You deserve the revelations that will come from complete honesty. It might be a little painful, but you can handle it.

Heck, you’re a CrossFitter.

Workout for Tuesday, April 10
Kipping Practice

EMOM 16 min
Odd Min: 7 T2B + 7 Push Ups + 14 Air Squats
Even Min: 6 Deadlifts  (275/185, or 50% to 60%)

CrossFit 616