Thursday, May 31

We've talked about intensity before, but here's a great discussion from Ben Bergeron on what intensity means. It's not that hard to figure out, but it is hard to do on a regular basis. It just means that you show up and work really hard. 

Some people love working hard and some don't. But the only way to get results is to work hard. This isn't just about CrossFit, as he points out in the video. If you want to get good at anything - your job, playing an instrument, video games - you have to work hard at that endeavor. That's as simple as it can be. 

Intensity is what gets you results. If you're not working hard when you are here, you may be wasting your time. 

Check out the video for more insights into intensity and exactly what it means in CrossFit and fitness. 

Workout for Thursday, June 1
Every 1:30 min for 15 min
1 Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats
*Build Up in Weight with Good Reps

Front Squats
3X2 @ 80% to 85%
4X1 @ 90% to 95%

CrossFit 616