Wednesday, May 9

"Dr. Chad Potteiger maintains that over 75 percent of his patients’ complaints are simply caused by poor lifestyle choices, such as improper diet and lack of exercise."

It's about time we start curing chronic disease rather than treating symptoms. Luckily, there are lots of doctors doing CrossFit that are prescribing a healthy diet and exercise program rather than prescribing drugs that just treat the symptoms.

Watch the video - You Don’t Have to Be Sick

Workout for Wednesday, May 9
EMOM 30 min
1) DB Lat Pull Overs - 10 Reps
2) Alternating DB Press - 10 Reps Total
3) Toes to Bar - ME Unbroken Set
4) Slow Controlled Plate Twists - 10 Reps Total
5) Assault Bike Sprint - 12/8 Cal

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