Wednesday, June 13

If you signed up to volunteer for the MidSummer Meltdown you should have received an email with job assignments and dates for our judges meetings. Please make sure you can attend one of these meetings to go over the standards and scoring for each workout. And thank you so much for volunteering!

Here's a great article from NPR called Want Your Child To Eat (Almost) Everything? There Is A Way

So, I'm not a parent and I'm not here to tell you how to feed your kids, but there is some great advice in here on how to get your kids to eat and enjoy healthy foods, rather than the kids menu staples of chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and mac and cheese.

"They're born preferring salty and sweet, and if those tastes are in foods, most kids are going to be very attracted to them," says Leann Birch, a research psychologist with the University of Georgia. Birch has spent more than four decades researching why kids eat what they eat. She says parents should expect their kids to reject new foods at first.

"That's really just an inbuilt response to something that's new," Birch says. It's called neophobia. But if you expose kids enough times to different flavors — including sour, bitter and even spicy ones, but don't force it – "they typically will learn to eat a lot of new things."

We've got a lot of new parents out there and some of those kids haven't started onto whole foods yet. I'd love to hear about how kids react to certain foods when tasting them for the first time. 

And, like the article says, don't lose hope. There will be battles over this, "But if you've made a nutritious meal and your kid still won't eat it? Ball says don't stress about it. Your kid won't starve. "I very firmly believe that children do a really good job of eating when they're hungry and not eating when they're not hungry," he says."

I wish you all good luck!

Workout for Wednesday, June 13
EMOM 30 min - Rotate Through Movements
1) 10/7 Damper Setting Row Sprint - 15/10 Calories
2) Alternating Single Arm DB Press - 10 Reps Total
3) Supinated Grip Bent Over Barbell Rows - 7 Reps
4) Kneeling Banded Rotations - 5 Reps Each Side
5) ME UB Strict Pull Ups / 3 Negative Pull Ups / ME UB Ring Rows

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