Thursday, June 14

First longer run test of the season! Hopefully you approach this just like any other benchmark we do here. It's easy to get excited about Fran and Diane, but can you bring that same intensity to a running test?

Focus on your form and breathing and the time will go by much faster. Plus, you will be more efficient and that will make the run easier and faster as well.

A two mile test can be more of a mental test than physical. I know you are all capable of finishing a two mile course, but how much can you push through the entire thing? Take it 400, 200, 100 meters at a time. Maybe, as you reach the end you are taking it one step at a time. That's ok, but keep going.

I love this video with Josh Bridges on mental toughness. Like he says, "It doesn't hurt that much more to run just a little bit faster."


Workout for Thursday, June 14
For Time:
Run 2 Miles

Handstand Practice or Kipping Practice

CrossFit 616