Thursday, June 28

We're practicing barbell cycling today. "What's that?" you ask. Well, we are working on doing each individual rep a little bit faster and being able to connect those reps together into one set. 

Why would we do this? Moving faster goes right to that intensity piece we talk about. If you can move a particular weight more times in a set time period or move a set weight a set number of times in a faster time, your intensity is higher. Your power output was greater, and that's what we are looking for.

Of course, don't forget about that blog from Tuesday about mechanics and consistency coming first. 

You can work on speed today and try to increase your intensity, but only use weights that allow you to move as well as possible. If that set was good, make a small increase and try again. But if you feel things getting off, go back down and fix your mechanics.

This is a perfect day to work on this process. We can push the intensity without losing all technique. 

Same goes for the overhead squats. Only increase the weight if the reps look good. Stick with mechanics, consistency, intensity and you'll feel better and move better for a long time!

Workout for Thursday, June 28
Barbell Cycling Practice
7 Rounds, One Every 2:00
7 Touch and Go Power Snatches
*Build Up in Weight w/ Good Sets

Overhead Squat
*Building Up in Weight with Good Position

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