Monday, July 16

Is a hot dog a sandwich? This and other questions are answered by Ben Bergeron in this podcast on how to stay on track during the summer/vacations.

Really, he does give some great advice on how to stick to your diet and workouts when you're in situations where you may not have full control over your food choices or access to a gym.

The main thing is, still have fun! Don't sweat if you get a little off track or the lunch you eat isn't perfect. That's ok, just do the best you can and when you're back home, get back on track.

I'll add one other thing, it's easy to absorb the indulgences of vacation if you are vigilant with your workouts and diet when you are at home. If you can eat well and workout regularly 90% of the time, the 10% that you fall off won't be that big of a deal. 

Check out the video for more tips!

Workout for Monday, July 16
18 Minute Clock
Row 1,000m
Run 800m
AMRAP in Remaining Time of
9 DB Thrusters (50/35)
9 T2B

CrossFit 616