Wednesday, July 18

I posted about the jump rope seminar we're hosting last night, but forgot to remind you that we won't have any Saturday classes due to that being here all day. Enjoy your Saturday off or come learn some new jump rope skills!

CrossFit is much more than a fitness program. It's a confidence builder, an escape from life's stress, a place to make friends, a test of your will, a mental test, and so much more. For some, CrossFit provides a place that literally saved their life. 

In the video below, you see Keith Lupien's story. He is an addict and an ex-con, but he is making a life for himself through CrossFit. He found an outlet to channel his energy that allowed him to beat his addiction and now change other's lives for the better. 

It's a great story and one that we are all a part of. Just by being here and welcoming others the way you do makes people come back and start that journey to a healthier, better life. I'm certainly glad you all have decided to do CrossFit with us!

Workout for Wednesday, July 18
Tempo Deadlift - Slow Control to Floor
4X3 @ 65% to 75%

5 Rounds for Time
Run 400m
7 Touch and Go Clean and Jerks (135/95)

CrossFit 616