Thursday, July 19

One of the things I've loved about CrossFit from day one is that women and men are treated equally. In those days, workouts on were written with one prescribed weight and you did it (or scaled it) whether you were a man or a woman. 

The CrossFit Games has given equal prize money to the men and woman winners since day one, while many major sports have taken a while to catch up, or still haven't caught up.

This article in the CrossFit Journal explains the history of equality between men and women in CrossFit - Why Men and Women Are Always Equal in CrossFit

It’s in our DNA to treat men and women as equals and celebrate the accomplishments of women who ignore outdated, misguided gender roles and refuse to be called “the weaker sex.” Equality is simply part of CrossFit.
“A funny thing about CrossFit is that we’ve always been edgy and, at times, quite irreverent in language or humor, but true sportsmanship, hard work and respect are the pillars upon which our culture has been built,” - Nicole Carroll, CrossFit’s Co-Director of Certification and Training and original Nasty Girl

At CrossFit 616 we see you all as equals as well. There's no "taking it easy on the girls" attitude here. In fact, I see woman here push (and beat) men on workouts daily and I love it. I love that we can all compete alongside each other without thinking about "traditional gender roles."

Come workout, kick some butt, and have a beer together later. Leave that other nonsense at the door.

Workout for Thursday, July 19
Tempo Back Squats - 3 Sec Descent, 2 Sec Pause, Drive Up for Speed
4X2 @ 75% to 78%
3X2 @ 70%

For Time:
40 Wall Balls (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')
30/20 Cal Bike
20 Wall Balls
10 Cal Bike

CrossFit 616