Monday, July 23

This Wednesday is Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class throughout the day to try CrossFit for the first time!

A CrossFitter from out of town said to me the other day that the best advice they got when starting CrossFit is to be coachable. I love that advice and I think we can all take something from it. 

It's a hard subject to talk about at times because no one wants to be told that they are not coachable. But how coachable are you?

Really this is all about how we accept feedback. Do you receive criticism and immediately get defensive or do you really listen to the person and think about whether their criticism may be helpful to you?

Being coachable in the CrossFit world means that you listen to the coaching tips and cues, try them out and then discuss any questions or concerns with the coach. It doesn't mean that you do whatever a coach says without question.

I think this feedback process goes both ways between an athlete and a coach. The coach gives pointers, the athlete incorporates those pointers, then the athlete gives feedback to the coach on how that felt and if it worked. The coach needs to be open to the feedback as well.

All we ask as coaches is that you listen and try, because I promise we're here to help. If you get a cue that doesn't make sense to you or makes something feel harder, please let the coach know. But also don't just ignore the tip all together.

The coach won't always be right, but if you aren't open to advice and you never try to put the new stuff into action, how can you know it's not right for you?

Hopefully, you come to the gym looking to learn something new every day. We are always learning and get excited to share new information with you. If both of these things happen, the results can be amazing. So, think about it - how coachable are you?

Workout for Monday, July 23
Overhead Squat Mobility
Hips + T-Spine + External Rotation

10 min to Build Up
2 Hang Power Snatches + 2 OHS

7 Rounds for Time
5 Hang Power Snatches (95/65)
7 Overhead Squats
9 T2B

CrossFit 616