Tuesday, July 24

If you didn't see the CrossFit Games pool yet, check it out here. Enter your top 5 men, top 5 women and top 3 teams. You get 1 point for each person/team that makes the top 5/3 or you get 3 points if you have that person or team in the correct slot in the top 5. Pretty simple. You can pay me cash at the gym or Venmo me (Brian).  It's $5 to enter and the payout is 60% to 1st, 25% to 2nd and 15% to 3rd. Start picking!

CrossFit 616 Official Games Pool

Here's an awesome explanation from CrossFit instructor James Hobart of intensity and how it is relative to the individual. I think this is one of the most clear explanations I've heard on the topic.


Workout for Tuesday, July 24
Pull Up Progressions

For Time:
Run 800m
Front Squats (115/85)
Burpees Over the Bar
Run 800m

CrossFit 616