Monday, July 30

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Here's a great read from WBUR in Boston: More Gyms Are Junking Weight Machines. But Should They?

Fitness trends come and go and it seems like whenever a new trend arises EVERYTHING we used to do gets thrown right out. Then after a few years we realize there was some value to that other stuff and we slowly start to incorporate it back in.

When I started CrossFit it was all about the big functional lifts - no more single-joint isolation movements like curls and leg extensions. Then, we keep learning and realize we all have some imbalances that keep us from moving perfectly, and we re-find value in isolating the weak muscles that need a little extra love. 

There's never a 100% right answer in fitness (or most things in life). We believe in spending most of our time doing large, full body movements because we get the most bang for our buck in the one hour we have to workout each day. But, if you're having trouble locking out overhead, why wouldn't you spend a few extra minutes with some isolated tricep work to help out?

We love CrossFit and the fact that it has introduced so many people to barbell squats, deadlifts, cleans and so on, but that doesn't mean there aren't really great exercises out there that we can incorporate to make us fitter.

I don't believe there's just one set of movements that make up CrossFit either. There are certainly things that make up the core of the program, but we should cast our net a little wider sometimes and learn from other programs and sports. 

Variety is one of the basic tenants of CrossFit, so let's not be so narrowly focused that we cast aside movements or machines that could help us reach our true potential.

Workout for Monday, July 30
5X5 @ 75%

For Time:
1,000m Row
100 Double Unders (300 single unders)
1 mile Run

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