Wednesday, August 1

Two things!

1. Get your Games picks in tonight! (Tuesday) First event is early Wednesday morning and all picks need to be in before that starts. Click here to enter

2. If you signed up to go tubing you'll now pay the gym your $16 rather than the tubing place. We can bill your card on file. If you signed up and cannot go, you must let us know by tomorrow evening so we can adjust our reservation. If you do not cancel by tomorrow you will still be charged.

I was reading some stuff about mobility and myofascial release therapies (anything from foam rolling to more aggressive massage techniques meant to "break up" bad tissue) and the research is interesting. It seems that it's almost impossible to actually break down scar tissue or adhesions with the pressure and techniques currently used. But, many of these techniques seem to work.

The current research shows that these techniques may work because we're hitting nervous system receptors that send the signal to our brain to release the muscles. Then we can move better and have a greater range of motion.

What I'm getting at is that some things just work. We may not know why they work, but we know we feel better afterwords. So, who cares why it works, just keep at it.

But, if you are spending all your pre-workout time rolling and stretching and doing mobility every day, those things are not working. If you have to go through the routine every day forever, you're just making a temporary adjustment and not fixing the root problem.

This is just a blog post to encourage you to really get after the real issue and make a permanent change. It still may be a long process, but if you have been doing the same thing over and over each day, without significant improvement, it may be time to try something else.

If you don't know what to do, talk to a coach. We may be able to give you some exercises, but we may point you to other professionals. Either way, don't settle for just barely getting by. Let's get fixed and start moving better.

Workout for Wednesday, August 1
Jump Rope Warm Up - Single Unders
5 Rounds
30 sec Max Revolutions
30 sec Rest

5 Rounds, 1 Round every 3 min
Run 1 Lap Max Effort

2 Rounds for Time
21 Pull Ups
42 Sit Ups
63 Air Squats

CrossFit 616