Thursday, August 16

I was reading that the mortality rate in the U.S. has gone down significantly since the industrial revolution due to advances in medicine, sanitation and food safety, our morbidity rate is on the rise. 

That means we are dying less often overall, but even though we're living longer, we are sick. And, to top it all off, life expectancy may actually be lower for young people now than their parents for the first time in history. 

While there is some disagreement on the how and why of all of this, one thing we do know is that modern medicine is able to keep us alive longer. However, those later years of life may be riddled with disease or dysfunction. 

I'm just pointing this out because I want us to start fending off disease now. Or continue doing it. Don't wait until it's too late to eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly. 

I don't know about you, but I'd like to live a long time, and I want to enjoy those later years. I'd rather not stay alive 15 or 20 extra years just to be sick and immobile. 

So, don't wait to get your health in order! Eat right most of the time and keep moving so you can enjoy ALL of the rest of your life.

Workout for Thursday, August 16
5 Rounds, 1 Round Every 5 min
Row 500m
Run 1 Lap
10 Hang DB Snatches Alternating Arms (50/35) 

CrossFit 616