Friday, August 17

Weekly Roundup! Here's some stuff I think you might find interesting:

1. Children who exercise have more brain power, finds study. "The study by a team from the University of Granada in Spain found that children who are physically fit have a greater volume of grey matter in the brain’s frontal and temporal regions and the calcarine cortex, all of which are important for executive function (the mental skills that help us get things done), as well as learning, motor skills and visual processing."

2. The Toll of America’s Obesity - an opinion piece from the New York Times. Not sure I agree with all of the suggestions 100%, but there are some interesting ideas here. "The obesity epidemic affects every region of the country and every demographic group. But rates have increased the fastest among low-income Americans and racial minorities, exacerbating pre-existing health disparities... Beyond the toll of human suffering, obesity and diet-related diseases impose massive and rapidly growing economic costs... According to the American Diabetes Association, the annual cost of diabetes in 2017 was $327 billion"


Workout for Friday, August 17
18 min to Build to Heavy Complex
2 Power Cleans + 1 Thruster + 1 Push Jerk

6 Thrusters (95/65)
6 C2B Pull Ups

CrossFit 616